Recovery in the Lifestyle : RitL is a fellowship of BDSM lifestyle people and guests who are in recovery or would like to be. It is based on the 12 steps of recovery and recognizes that anonymity is most important for us all.

Contacting Us Recovery in the Lifestyle

At this time we're a young fellowship, and have no official "central office" or phone number. We are however growing, and have created a steering committee to better assist the fellowship. If you wish to contact the members of the steering committee, you can simply e-mail us at:

We are also doing other things to help lifestylers in recovery connect with each other. We recently printed out 1000 business cards to distribute at lifestyle events and/or recovery locations, to hopefully spread the awareness of RitL. If you would like some of these cards to distribute in your area, please e-mail us at:

The cards are simple, and just have our logo, web address &

e-mail address on them.

If you wish to make any suggestions about this site, or any other aspect of the fellowship, again please e-mail us so that we can bring it up at our next steering meeting.

If it is of assistance, we have a small .jpg version of our business card here for download, and a small .jpg version of our logo here.

The full .ai format version of our logo is also available for download here.

In service and fellowship,


- the RitL steering committee

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